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Good Morning Butterflies. 

I am aware that there are a few problems with connecting to Teams at the moment, so if you are having a few problems, please be patient. I am trying to sort it.

I hope you are all well, I spoke to most of you last week, which was lovely. I will be in school Tuesday and Thursday this week, so if anyone needs anything, books changing, new books, items printing off, please let me know.

I am receiving some great photos and work that you have been doing, please keep them coming!

Speak soon,

Mrs Cochrane 

FS Weekly Plan

YR 1 Weekly Plan


Good Morning Butterflies.

I hope that you have all been enjoying the sun and have had lots of rest. It's been a while since I saw you all, but it is lovely that I still get to talk to you each week. I have that you have all managed to use Teams and are becoming familiar with the class documents on there. I know there s still much more that I have yet to use.

If you have any problems, just drop me an email. It is lovely to see all of your work and how you still manage to have family time whilst learning. Your parents are doing a great job! :-) 


Key Workers - The children in school have been busy drawing Thank You wishes for all of the Keyworkers.


Good Morning Butterflies


Welcome back after the Easter Break. I hope that you have all had some lovely family time and had lots of rest! 

I saw some of you in school last week (from a distance) and heard some of you walking past and shouting 'Hello' as we were on the fields. I even had a wave from on of the children from a nearby window. Many others have emailed me lots of your work and you have been sharing the fun and exciting things that you have been up to. It's so lovely to see, and to know that you're still enjoying your love for learning, especially as I don't get to see you each school day. 


At this point of the year, we usually look at new life, spring and we have previously had eggs in that hatch in to chicks. This year, Mrs Rand has continued to look after the chicks and has been taking care of a new batch of Chicks with Holly and Henry helping to look after them. 

Thank you very much for sharing this with us! :-) 

New Life - Chicks

Still image for this video
A big Thank You to Mrs Rand for hatching some baby chicks for Butterflies.

Good Afternoon Butterflies,


I hope you are well. I have managed to speak to some of you this week, and those that I haven't, I will contact later in the week, just to check that you are all well. I am in school this week, which is why I am updating our class page a little later than usual.  We are all keeping busy, as I hope you are too. 

I was wondering how the activities are going this week? 

I have had some great emails and photos from some of you, which is wonderful to see.  Please keep the emails coming, as I love to see how much fun you're having whilst you are still learning at home.


Keep up the super work! 


Mrs Cochrane

Hello Parents, please find underneath a weekly plan for your children's work this week.

Mrs Cochrane

Good Morning Butterflies 27.03.20

Good Morning Butterflies 26.3.20

I have had lots more emails today and am well aware that lots of children are missing there usual contact of friends and school. I am missing you all too! 

I am super impressed at the amount of work which has been completed and some of you asking for for me. I will hopefully plan a wider range for next week, to keep you extra busy!

I had a lovely surprise this morning, as I was able to join a link and speak to and see some of the reception children and read them a story. It was truly lovely :-) x

I have been working on TEAMS today, which is a teaching and learning link, where we will be able to communicate via video, audio and uploading work and relevant information.

I hope you are all well and are keeping safe.

Good Morning Butterflies 25.3.20

Here is a little story that you can read to your children if they are worried at all. Stay Safe :-)  

I have had quite a few emails and pictures from some of Butterflies parents, telling me and showing me how well you are doing with your home learning. I am so proud of you all, continuing to do your learning from home. Hopefully, it won't be too long before we can all get back to our daily lives. If any parents would like to send me any photos or ask any questions, you have my email address and I will reply as soon as possible.

Hope you are all well. 


Good Morning Butterflies.    24.3.20


I hope you are all well and enjoying showing your parents some of the learning we enjoy together at school.

I'm sure you are all doing amazing!

I can't wait to hear all about it :-)


Mrs Cochrane

Home School Learning March 2020

Phonics - Here are a few online activities for your child / children to be accessing at home, sounds, games and early reading

Welcome to Class 1

Spring Term 2019


Autumn Term  2018


This term, we will be working on settling in and helping your child to access the classroom, outdoor areas, and wider school environment, including the lunch hall, playground areas and field. This will help Children to feel safe in their environment which will assist their learning in all other areas.

Your child will be given a reading book in the first two weeks and a homework diary - This is more of a shared learning resource and children will be given activities to support their learning and deepen their understanding of the curriculum from school and at home. 

If you have any questions, please come and see me at the end of each day.