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Today you are going to write your exciting newspaper report about the incident from the programme you watched on Monday.  You should already have thought of an eye-catching headline and planned what you are going to write about.  


Use your plan and also the features of a newspaper report list to write an outstanding report which no editor could turn down!  Remember these key points as you write:


  • begin with a vivid and memorable sentence (a hook to pull your reader in)
  • use technical language
  • link paragraphs
  • punctuate quotations correctly
  • vary sentence openers
  • use powerful and exciting vocabulary
  • engage the reader


For those who we are missing (so, so much, actually crying), here is a model of what you might write to begin your report.  As ever, feel free to magpie my ideas but make sure that the writing has your own ideas too.




Yesterday afternoon, a local baker was spotted fighting for his life in the midst of a wild and angry sea just metres from the safety of the cliff path.  Luckily for him, a group of ramblers heard his desperate cry for help and sent out an urgent plea to the coastguard.


"It was so hard to get a signal," reported one of the walkers.  "I had to run to higher ground to make it possible to communicate clearly.  And all the time, I could see him down there, being tossed around and sinking down into the water.  I felt so frantic because I was not able to help him."