Great News - SIAMs Inspection - Graded GOOD

1st November 2014

'The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Oakley as a Church of England school are good'

'Oakley provides an inspiring and creative learning environment where pupils are proud to belong, feel valued and achieve well. This is because the school strives to be an inclusive, happy and family community, rooted in the Christian faith. '
SIAMS Inspection Report 2014

I am immensely proud of the pupils, parents, staff, governors and church community who all play such a central role in the life of the school. The SIAMs inspector, Lizzie McWhirter, was very impressed with the responses from our wonderfully articulate pupils and congratulated the school for the inspirational work that it does.

If you would like to read the full report, I have attached it below.

Julia Sulston

'Learning is aspirational here, not just academic, with a wide range of achievement skills, showing a true love of learning.'
'Staff motivate and encourage pupils within a spirit of positive praise, based on their values of love, honesty and respect. As a result, pupils take on roles and responsibilities, such as treasurer for the school council and enjoy school which leads to good attendance. '
'Pupils learn about other faiths and cultures as part of their challenging religious education [RE] lessons. Pupils say what they love about RE is ’finding out about all the different things about Christianity in different countries, not just here’. They go on to say, ‘our vicar comes from Africa and he’s a Christian’. They also enjoy learning about Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism. Hindu pupils feel affirmed in their faith and feel able to make a positive contribution, sharing what is important about their faith with their peers, In this way, pupils learn a great deal from each other.'
'Adults, including parents praise collective worship as it really supports the school community, such as at times of bereavement.'
'They [pupils] also value worship outside as this enables them ‘to feel closer to God’. This is enhanced by the willow sculpture which ‘has three entrances for the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Spirit’. Pupils go on to say that, ‘the entrance for Jesus is the one with the torches which have the school values on’. They also make the link to lighting the candle in worship and thinking of Jesus as the light of the world.'
'Parents praise the fact that their children’s needs and abilities are well met in this inclusive, family school. As a result, their children ‘come home happy and ready for school’. Parents go on to speak highly of the school’s ‘excellent pastoral care, which develops the individuality of the child and helps to make them well rounded’. Parents value the fact that the headteacher ‘knows the name of every child and most of the parents and welcomes the children at the gate in the morning’. Parents attribute this to ‘staff going out of their way’ to serve others because their actions are driven by the values lived out at Oakley in a spirit of ‘generosity and fairness’. '